Water Storage Tanks

10 000 Litre Water Storage Tank

Frp Storage Tank - 35 Year Life Span

1m x 0.5m panels, lightweight. Does not rust like steel tanks, don’t crack like concrete tanks. No coatings or linings so never needs repainting or relining.
 Sealants between panel joints are dry SEBS Rubber seals that are non-adhesive.
 Comes with stainless steel bolts and nuts for fastening.
 It is high in intensity, light in weight, anti-corrosional, beautiful in appearance, long-lasting and convenient to maintain and manage
 No leakage, no deformation, convenient maintenance and repair, no rust, light weight, long life no algae and bacteria growth inside the tanks and easy to install.

10 000 litre tank Dimensions: 2.5m horizontal x 2m vertical x 2m breadth

About ChiMuts

We regularly make factory visits to guarantee our product always meets the highest standard, and work together with the supplier in both designing and testing the pumps to make sure they suit Zimbabwean conditions.

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