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Storage Tank Site 1: Mvuma

The tank is being fed by a 0.8HP solar powered pump. Both systems installed by ChiMuts Solar Zimbabwe

This 10 000 litre storage tank has been the toughest challenge yet, and by quite a distance…. A workforce of 7 (builder, welder, solar technician, plumber, 3 labourers), 5 days on site, well off the beaten track near the geographical centre of Zimbabwe, successfully set this up recently.

This tank, 4 metres above the groud, can hold 10 000 litres of water.
This tank, 4 metres above the ground, can hold 10 000 litres of water.
The local community benefits tremendously; on-demand access to drinking water whether there is sunshine or not.
he local community benefits tremendously; on-demand access to drinking water whether there is sunshine or not.Prior to the installation of this tank together with the solar pump, people were traveling long distances to fetch water for their daily uses
It has a rated lifespan of over 35 years due to the FRP (Fibrglass Reinforced Plastic)
It has a rated lifespan of over 35 years due to the FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)



Mhangura Project

ChiMuts Solar has just completed installing a 2 HP pump in Mhangura, 200km from Harare. This is the biggest pump we have installed up to date, it outputs 8 000L/hr that is 72 000L/day on average, which is enough to irrigate 3 hectares of crop.

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This 2HP solar water pump is made up of a 3 phase submersible pump, 16 solar panels( 150 watts each) and an AC automatic controller.


When there is no sunlight and there is need for water, we recommend our clients to have a water storage tank. Water will first be pumped into the water storage tank and then flows from the tank by the force of gravity.




Solar Geyser Project

We installed a 300 liter solar non pressurized geyser in Southwood Kwekwe.


It provides enough hot water for for a household of 5- 6. It comes with a side filling tank that operates automatically when connected to the water house system.


This 300l tank was too heavy to mount directly on the roof top, so we had to construct a seperate stand up to 4 meters height which we then mounted the geyser on.






Silobela Project



We installed a 1.5 hp pump in Silobela, Midlands (along the new proposed Victoria Falls highway). The land used to be a Game Ranch surrounded by cattle ranches.
This pump can output up to 40 000 liters per day.

Uzumba Project

IMG_20131030_155236IMG_20131030_154644green peppers (capsicums)
This is one of ChiMuts Solar’s numerous installations around the country. The project presents a success story of a rural farmer, who has taken advantage of the abundantly available sunshine in Zimbabwe to transform his life. Not only has he created employment for his rural folks, but he has also managed to create a regular income for himself because he can now plant throughout the year. Furthermore, they now have access to clean, safe water every day.

The system he bought comprises of a 0.75 HP ChiMuts Solar pump and 1.5 hectares of drip irrigation. With a remarkable flow rate of 3000 L/hour, he was able to upgrade his drip irrigation area from half hectare to 1.5 hectares in successive stages. He has been able to get excellent payback from his investment.
The solar pump pumps water to a nearby 5000L tank, raised about 4m above the ground. Water then flows by gravity from the tank into the drip irrigation system. Because of ChiMuts Solar’s radically affordable, life changing solar solutions, this system has made a very big difference in his life and that of his family.


Goromonzi Project

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The new pump we installed is located 20 minutes drive off the Harare Mutare highway in Goromonzi. Its one of our bigger pumps to date outputting up to 40 000 liters/day enough to irrigate 1,5 Ha. This pump is a 3 phase,1.5 HP pump powered by 16 x 130 Watts Solar Panels. It uses an automatic controller which regulates flow rate according to sunshine intensity and does not need anyone to switch it on and off. The system does not need any monitoring at all.

Our customer was overjoyed to have the Solar Pumping System setup because of all the seasons she has reaped poor crops particularly the potatoes, this was a result of inconsistent water supply from the Electricity Powered Pumps.

In addition to potatoes,she plans to grow at least half a million heads of onions.

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