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Why ChiMuts Solar

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity by using a semiconductor, usually made of silicon. When the sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells, part of the energy is absorbed into the semiconductor. When that happens the energy loosens the electrons which allow them to flow, creating electric current. When you put a conductor (normally metal) on the top and bottom of these photovoltaic cells, that current can now be used externally.

Recent interest in solar energy in Zimbabwe has been driven by, among other things, the following important developments:

Important Development

  • 1. The plentiful sunshine we experience on a daily basis – we experience 8 hours of sunshine per day, which is at least 150% more than the countries currently purchasing the most solar products (Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom).
  • 2. The recent increase in oil prices, which has caused the price of diesel and petrol to go up significantly. This causes diesel and petrol generators to be expensive to run, not even mentioning the maintenance costs associated with generators, as well as the annoying noise.

ChiMuts Solar system and diesel generator comparative schedule

ChiMuts 0.75 hp Solar Pump kit

  • US$ 2410 (including installation)
  • This pump provides a maximum of 16 000 liters/day. There are no maintenance costs incurred, once the system is installed, for 4 years.

  • Final Cost (4 years) = US$2 410
  • Final Cost (6 years) = US$2 620

0.75 hp power diesel generator

  • US $ 200 initial investment
  • To obtain an equivalent output of 16 000 L/day, one needs to keep pumping for 8 hours, and spend US$8 per day. The average farmer cultivates 200 days a year. U$ 8 x200 days = US $1 600 per year. That's US $ 6 400 over 4 yrs. Maintenance cost average US $ 350 for the 4 year period
  • Final cost (4 years) = US$6 750
  • Final cost (6 years) = US$9 950

3. The recurrent crises faced by the power utility (ZESA), with frequent power cuts making it difficult to pump water constantly using electricity. The rapid development of solar is often mentioned as an important response option for addressing the power problems faced by Zimbabwe.

As a matter of fact, Italy (population 56 million), already one of top 5 biggest buyers of solar energy, generates more than 101GW of electricity per year, yet the whole of SADC (including South Africa), generates only 47GW of electricity per year, enough for only 25% of the population.

Economists predict solar will be the most rapidly growing commercial energy form within 10 years. Our prime aim as a company is to guarantee less developed parts of the world are well equipped to withstand high energy demands in the future.

Worldwide, it has been proven how much of a positive effect solar can have on the image of the company/organization/individual in possession of it. We, as ChiMuts Solar want to do our utmost to ensure that clients such as yourself, with such a large group of members focused on realizing good yields each season, do not just lead by example in terms of showing society how to affordably advance their way of living, but also to better care for the environment.

Zimbabwe has abundant sunshine and experiences on average 7.8 hours of sunshine daily. This presents a great opportunity for solar technology for Zimbabweans.

About ChiMuts

We regularly make factory visits to guarantee our product always meets the highest standard, and work together with the supplier in both designing and testing the pumps to make sure they suit Zimbabwean conditions.

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